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Best Mustang Brake ModsBest Mustang Brake Mods

Improving your Mustang’s brakes is a great investment in safety. It’s also necessary if you plan to continue to improve your power and speed. Here are some of the best brake upgrades for Mustangs.

S550 Performance PackagesS550 Performance Packages

The S550 Mustang’s GT and EcoBoost Performance Packages have been popular since launch. That’s mostly due to how universally desirable the included features are. Here’s what comes in each, so you can decide what to buy, or build your own.

How to Tell If You Need New BrakesHow to Tell If You Need New Brakes

From strange sounds to unpleasant smells, brakes let you know when they need to be replaced. Here’s how to know it’s time and what parts you should check first based on what you’re experiencing behind the wheel.

Mustang Oil Recommendations by YearMustang Oil Recommendations by Year

Ford’s oil recommendations are a good place to start, but you’ll still need to make a few more choices about what type of oil is right for your Mustang's engine. Here’s what to know and when to deviate from Ford’s recommended oil viscosity

2020 vs 2021 Mustang2020 vs 2021 Mustang

The 2021 Mustang adds the Mach 1, a few new colors, and new standard safety technology. It also comes with a few price changes and the retirement of some popular limited editions. Here are all of the changes between the 2020 and 2021 Mustangs and how to know which is right for you.

Camaro vs MustangCamaro vs Mustang

Ford and Chevy have been automotive rivals for over a century. Ford set the standard for pony cars with the Mustang, but Chevy quickly followed with the release of the Camaro. Even though they're destined to compete with each other, there’s a lot to love about both the Mustang and Camaro.

Best F-100 Engine Swap OptionsBest F-100 Engine Swap Options

There are great engine swap options for Ford F-100 trucks. Whether you want an era-appropriate Windsor V8 or a modern Coyote upgrade, here are the things to know about the top engine swap options.

Intake Manifold Leak SymptomsIntake Manifold Leak Symptoms

The intake manifold is an important part of your car. It distributes the proper amount of air to the cylinders. But over time, intake manifolds can become faulty and spring a leak. A car with a leaky intake manifold may experience reduced engine performance.

Fox Body LS SwapFox Body LS Swap

For increasing horsepower, few solutions are as efficient as swapping out your engine. Fox Body Mustangs and LS engines work well together, but there are a few pitfalls associated with any engine swap to look out for.

MT82 Transmission Specs & IssuesMT82 Transmission Specs & Issues

The Getrag MT82 transmission found in 2011-2020 manual Ford Mustangs doesn’t have the best reputation. It's known for causing a number of shifting issues and even transmission failure in some cases. But there are some upgrades that can help fix the problems with the MT82 and MT82-D4 transmissions.

John Wick's MustangJohn Wick's Mustang

While we’re told that John Wick drives a 1969 Boss 429 Mustang, the actual answer is more complicated. Five Mach 1s were outfitted with some unusual modifications in order to make the vehicles that were used in the movie. Here are all the details we can spot that reveal the true identity of John Wick’s Mustang.

1971 vs 1972 vs 1973 Ford Mustang1971 vs 1972 vs 1973 Ford Mustang

As the last refresh of the first-generation, the 1971-1973 Ford Mustang is often forgotten. It came at a time when the car was growing, yet engine size was shrinking. Still, these model years have a lot to offer enthusiasts. Learn about the subtle differences between each.

Superchargers vs TurbosSuperchargers vs Turbos

Superchargers and turbochargers are forced induction systems. They send more air to your engine for added power and boost. While superchargers are powered by a belt off the engine, turbos use exhaust gases. There are several different types of superchargers and turbos.

Shocks vs StrutsShocks vs Struts

Learn the differences between struts and shocks, as well as what makes them similar.

2021 Wrangler Colors2021 Wrangler Colors

Although fan favorites Punk’n Metallic and Bikini won’t be offered in Jeep’s lineup of 2021 Wrangler colors, there are a few new additions. Jeep is expected to add Hydro Blue and Snazzberry to the lineup of paint options.

What Are Wheel Spacers?What Are Wheel Spacers?

Offering style and improved performance, wheel spacers are a popular aftermarket mod. Their low price and ease of installation make them a great option for performance cars and off-roaders.

Ford Bronco vs Bronco SportFord Bronco vs Bronco Sport

The 2021 Ford Bronco debuted with its smaller sibling, the Bronco Sport. Though they’re part of the same brand, these two models offer very different features and specs. Compare them to find out which is best for you.

Placing an Emblem CorrectlyPlacing an Emblem Correctly

Changing your emblems can affect the entire appearance of your car. Make sure you do it the right way for a look that turns heads. Here are the best tips for placing an emblem correctly on your car.

The Pony PackageThe Pony Package

Starting with the Mustang’s first generation, the Pony Package has combined desirable and stylish options. Initially, those options were strictly interior, but since then the package has expanded to include wheels and exterior features as well. Here’s what’s been included for each year.

Ford SYNC 3 vs SYNC 4Ford SYNC 3 vs SYNC 4

With massive screens, cloud-based tech, and wireless app integration, SYNC 4 is Ford’s new infotainment system. Launching with the Mustang Mach-E, it offers quite a few improvements over SYNC 3.

Pros & Cons of Buying a WranglerPros & Cons of Buying a Wrangler

If you’re considering buying a Jeep Wrangler, there are several pros and cons to consider. Advantages of the Wrangler include its off-road capability, removable top and doors, and open-air potential. The Wrangler’s high price and poor fuel economy are some of the disadvantages.

2020 Jeep Gladiator Colors2020 Jeep Gladiator Colors

The 2020 Jeep Gladiator brings a unique color to the table, plus two returning favorites from the JK. Check out the full list of exterior paint colors.

Catch Up on Mustang ContentCatch Up on Mustang Content

Stuck inside? Take a break and catch up on our top Mustang guides, articles, and how-to's. We have taken the time to compile an extensive list of some of the hottest content for you. There's no better time to sit back, relax, and learn!

Hydraulic vs Mechanical ClutchHydraulic vs Mechanical Clutch

Many owners of vintage cars consider upgrading with a hydraulic clutch conversion kit. In this article, we look at the differences between hydraulic and mechanical clutches to see if it’s worth it for you.

2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Specs2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Specs

The 2021 Mach 1 Mustang replaced the Bullitt and serves as a great upgrade between the GT and GT500. Learn about the specs and special features of this special trim.

Body-on-Frame vs UnibodyBody-on-Frame vs Unibody

Although most drivers don’t think twice about it, there are many differences between unibody and body-on-frame designs. Each has pros and cons, with body-on-frame vehicles standing out for their robust off-road capability.

2021 F-150 Colors2021 F-150 Colors

In 2021, the fourteenth generation of Ford pickup will launch. These are the colors for the 2021 Ford F-150. From old favorites to new classics, there are a total of fifteen shades available.

SN95 Drift BuildsSN95 Drift Builds

SN95 Mustangs are good candidates for drift builds. If you’re interested in modifying your 1994-2004 Mustang for drifting, these are some of the modifications that will help you. Whether you’re just getting started and want to try out drifting or are getting serious about this motorsport, there are upgrades you can do to improve your Mustang’s performance.

T-56 TransmissionsT-56 Transmissions

The T-56 transmission only came in two Mustangs, but considering those two were the 2000 Cobra R and Terminator Cobra, it’s earned its revered state. If you have an SN95, New Edge, or S197 Mustang and are considering a T-56 transmission swap, here’s what you should know about your options.

2020 Jeep Wrangler Colors2020 Jeep Wrangler Colors

There are ten total exterior paint colors on offer for the 2020 Jeep Wrangler. This guide has the paint codes and photos of each shade.

Fix Chrome PittingFix Chrome Pitting

While chrome that’s in good condition can add a lot to a vehicle’s appearance, the same can’t be said for pitted chrome. In addition to bringing down your car’s looks, pitted chrome also doesn’t protect against rust. Here’s how to fix chrome on your vehicle, as well as how to prevent it in the future.

S197 vs S550 MustangsS197 vs S550 Mustangs

The S197 Mustangs were made between 2005 and 2014. Starting in 2015, S550 Mustangs have been the current generation. A lot has changed between these two generations. Depending on how you plan to drive, a 2014 may be a better fit for you than a 2015. The exterior, performance, interior, and option differences are outlined here.

Ford Focus ST vs VW Golf GTIFord Focus ST vs VW Golf GTI

If you’re searching the used car market for a fun hot hatch, both the MK 7 Volkswagen Golf GTI and Ford Focus ST should be on your shortlist.

2021 Mustang Colors2021 Mustang Colors

While every Mustang year has some changes in paint options, 2021 has a surprisingly large number of shifts. While some of this is likely due to new and exiting special editions, other changes may be in preparation for the next generation of Mustang.

What Is a Limited-Slip Differential?What Is a Limited-Slip Differential?

A limited-slip differential (LSD) gives performance cars a leg up when it comes to applying grip in low traction situations. Learn about their benefits and how they work.

Drift Mods for Fox Body MustangsDrift Mods for Fox Body Mustangs

If you’re considering turning a Fox Body Mustang into a drift 'Stang then there are a few things to consider. While most of these are improvements you’d make to any performance build, there are a few drift-specific modifications. From how to stiffen your chassis to what your suspension should look like, we’ve collected some of our top tips for making a Fox go sideways.

Remove an EmblemRemove an Emblem

Whether you’re trying to preserve your vehicle’s factory badges prior to restoration or want to customize your badging, you’ll need to remove emblems. Here’s how to debadge your vehicle without damaging the paint.

Best Project CarsBest Project Cars

It’s no secret that we love project cars. From pony cars like the Mustang to vintage off-roaders, project cars fall into a lot of categories. These are our top picks for those categories, and why we think they’re great project cars.

What Is Off-Road Diesel?What Is Off-Road Diesel?

Off-road diesel is the same as regular diesel except for its color, cost, and permitted uses. On-road diesel fuel includes taxes to cover the creation and maintenance of roads. Since off-road diesel is supposed to be used for off-road purposes, it is exempt from these taxes.

Turbo Lag vs Boost ThresholdTurbo Lag vs Boost Threshold

In a turbocharged engine, both boost threshold and turbo lag will affect how the motor behaves under acceleration. Check out this article to find out the differences between these phenomena.

Solid Axles vs IFSSolid Axles vs IFS

If you plan to go off-road, you’ll need the right suspension. Some of the most common front suspension setups for off-roading are solid axles and independent front suspension. We’ll go over the strengths and weaknesses of each to see if there’s a clear winner.

2014 vs 2015 Ford Focus ST2014 vs 2015 Ford Focus ST

Although the Focus ST was produced for one generation in the United States, a mid-cycle refresh separated the 2013-2014 and 2015-2018 models. Check out this guide to learn about the moderate changes that Ford made to their hot hatch.

YJ Wrangler OverviewYJ Wrangler Overview

The YJ is in many ways the black sheep of the Wrangler family. It's odd front end design and relatively primitive technology make it not the most popular model of retro Wrangler. That being said, there's a lot that the YJ Wrangler has to offer.

Roush vs Accelatec EcoBoost Axle-BackRoush vs Accelatec EcoBoost Axle-Back

As a cost-effective way to get a great exhaust note out of your EcoBoost Mustang, an axle-back system makes an excellent upgrade. Check out our comparison between the Roush and Accelatec axle-back options.

Drifting Your MustangDrifting Your Mustang

Drifting is a great skill to learn, even if you never plan to compete. Here’s what you should know about drifting and how to get started. From your first controlled donut to perfectly formed figure 8s, we walk you through your first drifting sessions.

Timing Belt vs Timing ChainTiming Belt vs Timing Chain

Timing belts and timing chains have both been used with varying popularity over the decades. There are advantages to each style, but both perform the same task in your vehicle’s engine.

Gladiator vs F-150Gladiator vs F-150

The Jeep Gladiator and the Ford F-150 are some of the hottest trucks out on the market today. While they serve different functions, there are plenty of important comparisons to be made between both vehicles.

Sharing the RoadSharing the Road

Cyclists and drivers have to share the road, but when the rules aren't understood by both parties the results can be catastrophic. Whether you're a driver, a cyclist, or both, here are the guidelines you should know about how to safely navigate passing, stopping, and making a turn.

Best JL and JT Fog LightsBest JL and JT Fog Lights

If you want to brighten up your JL Wrangler or Jeep Gladiator's lighting system, then an upgraded fog light is a great place to start. Look at some of our top picks for Jeep fog light upgrades.

2018 vs 2019 Ram 15002018 vs 2019 Ram 1500

Although there were few changes under the hood for the redesign, the 2019 Ram offers new looks, a vastly improved interior, and modest towing/payload gains versus the 2018 Ram. Which one is best for you?

Ford Focus ST vs Hyundai Veloster NFord Focus ST vs Hyundai Veloster N

With fewer hot hatch options on the market and the end of the Focus ST and Fiesta ST for America, Hyundai’s new Veloster N stands out from the pack. But how does it compare against the 2013-2018 Focus ST?

Electric MustangElectric Mustang

At SEMA 2019, one of the most exciting vehicles was an electric Mustang with a manual transmission. Naturally, Bill Tumas had to have a closer look to ask the really important questions, like how do you know when to shift? Check out our exclusive video to learn more.

Ford v Ferrari QuizFord v Ferrari Quiz

How much do you know about Ford's famous rivalry with Ferrari and the resulting GT40 program? One of the greatest stories in motorsports, the 1966 Le Mans is the subject of the upcoming Ford v Ferrari film. But before you see it in theaters, test your knowledge here.

Ford Ranger vs Nissan FrontierFord Ranger vs Nissan Frontier

Although the 2019 Ford Ranger is only new to North America, it still feels like a much fresher pickup than Nissan’s long-standing Frontier. Read about the pros and cons of each of these trucks in this detailed comparison.

Rebel vs RaptorRebel vs Raptor

The Ram Rebel and the Ford F-150 Raptor are two tough trucks. Both are well equipped to dominate the trails, but which one is right for you? It all boils down to asking how much truck you need and how much you're willing to pay.

Project 55 Build OverviewProject 55 Build Overview

Building a Fox Body is no small feat. Especially when you’re on a time crunch to get the car done by Mustang Week. Bill & the talented team at CJ’s worked hard to take Project 55 to an entirely new level with a ton of awesome Fox Body parts available right here at CJ’s!

The Predator EngineThe Predator Engine

Every variation of the Coyote engine is a little different than the ones that preceded it and the Predator is no exception. There are a lot of new features that make this engine worth paying attention to, even if you’re not in the market for a GT500. In addition to the GT500, it looks as though Ford is planning to use this engine in some of their other high-end vehicles, including the Raptor.

Caffeine and Octane 2019Caffeine and Octane 2019

As the largest and perhaps most diverse car show in the country, there’s truly something that everyone can appreciate at Caffeine and Octane in Atlanta, Georgia. Check out some of the favorite rides from the September 2019 event.

Ford Tremor Edition Trucks Ford Tremor Edition Trucks

The name Tremor has meant a variety of things when attached to Ford trucks. From a speaker-heavy Ranger to the new off-road-focused Super-Duty Tremor package.

The F-150's Coyote EngineThe F-150's Coyote Engine

If you’re considering a Coyote swap you may be wondering what the difference is between the F-150 and Mustang Coyote engines. There are multiple mechanical variations that account for the performance differences between the two engines.

JL Wrangler Engine ComparisonsJL Wrangler Engine Comparisons

The Jeep JL Wrangler has three engine options. Each of these engines has different areas where they excel. In our comparison, we take a look at who each engine is right for.

Ford Bronco IIFord Bronco II

The Ford Bronco II was in production for a mere six years, from 1984 to 1990. During that time, it consistently outsold the Ford Bronco. These are the specifications and features that helped to distinguish the Bronco II from the larger version.

Shelby GT500 vs Chevrolet CorvetteShelby GT500 vs Chevrolet Corvette

The new 2020 Shelby GT500 and C8 Corvette are hot topics around any group of automotive enthusiasts. Both vehicles are breaking down the barriers that we all thought weren’t possible. At 760 horsepower, the GT500 will dominate both straight line and corner-carving tests. However, the new mid-engined C8 Corvette will likely give it a run for its money, especially when additional power is added via the Z06 and/or ZR1. Only time will tell!

Ford Bronco vs Chevy K5 BlazerFord Bronco vs Chevy K5 Blazer

The Ford Bronco had only been available for a couple of years before the Chevy Blazer showed up to offer a true rival. The first generation Blazer and Bronco both had areas where they surpassed their competition, and they both became better as they contended with one another. Here are all of the specs and features for the Bronco and Blazer’s first generations.

Radial vs Bias Ply TiresRadial vs Bias Ply Tires

Radials vs slicks is a frequent topic of debate at drag events as well as at stock Mustang shows. Read about the differences and how to pick which is right for you.

Ford Focus vs FiestaFord Focus vs Fiesta

The Ford Focus and Fiesta both have a lot to offer, but which is the better fit for you depends a lot on what you primarily use your car for and how you plan to drive it. Here are all the differences between the Fiesta and Focus and which type of driver each would be perfect for.

The 1966 24 Hours of Le MansThe 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans

Whether you’re a fan of Ford, Shelby American, or just great racing, the story of the 1966 Le Mans has something for everyone. In one of the most controversial finishes of all time, Ford seized the first Le Mans victory of any American automotive company in 1966.

Ford F-150 vs F-100Ford F-150 vs F-100

While the Ford F-150 offered some heavier duty suspension components that increased its weight to avoid emissions regulations, it was nearly identical to the F-100 pickup in nearly every other way. Check out this guide to learn more about these two truck siblings.

10 Best Ford F-100 Colors10 Best Ford F-100 Colors

While it’s a subjective effort to narrow down the best colors from the multi-decade history of the Ford F-100, we’ve done our best to pick out the top ten shades that are worth taking a look at.

Top 10 Classic Bronco ColorsTop 10 Classic Bronco Colors

There is no shortage of vibrant and interesting paint colors for the classic Ford Bronco. Here are our picks for the top 10 shades of first-generation Broncos.

Ford at the 24 Hours of Le MansFord at the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Ford’s entry into Le Mans in the early 1960s made waves, but in 2019 Ford has elected to discontinue participation in this historic event as they realign their priorities. Here’s a look back at Ford’s history and wins at Le Mans.

Top 10 Chevy C10 ColorsTop 10 Chevy C10 Colors

Chevy's C10 pickup truck came in a lot of different colors, and there’s a shade out there for everyone, but these are the ten perennial favorites that just look perfect on a C10.

CJ Off-Road's Hemi-Swapped JL WranglerCJ Off-Road's Hemi-Swapped JL Wrangler

The CJ Off-Road YouTube team put a Hemi engine in a JL Wrangler. Here is a breakdown of the JL Wrangler Hemi swap video series.

Chevy C10 vs C20 TrucksChevy C10 vs C20 Trucks

Chevy’s C10 and C20 trucks are both classics and come with many of the same options. Where they differ is what can make one a better fit for you and your pickup needs.

Salvage and Rebuilt TitlesSalvage and Rebuilt Titles

Salvage vehicles are affordable project cars and offer a great chance to learn about mechanics from a hands-on perspective. Before jumping in, it’s important to know what the restriction on salvage vehicles are and how to convert a salvage title to a rebuilt title before taking it out on the road.

2019 vs 2020 Mustang2019 vs 2020 Mustang

Though there aren’t many major equipment changes for the 2020 Mustang, that doesn’t mean that everything is exactly the same as the previous year. From updated package options to new tech features for all Mustangs, these are the biggest changes to the 2020 Mustang.

Designing the First MustangDesigning the First Mustang

It takes a team to make a great idea into a reality. Gale Halderman was part of the design team that created the first Mustang, an impressive achievement. Though they never expected the Mustang to become as popular as it did, their design helped to launch the Mustang’s success.

Gladiator vs JL WranglerGladiator vs JL Wrangler

Just because the new Jeep Gladiator pickup looks like a JL Wrangler with a bed doesn't mean that it is just that. The Gladiator and JL are more different than you'd expect; learn how they are different with this article which outlines the similarities and differences between them.

Long Tube vs Short Tube HeadersLong Tube vs Short Tube Headers

Improving the exhaust manifold allows your engine to breathe, and subsequently perform, better. Long tube and shorty headers are both significantly better than your stock manifold, but here's how these two header styles differ as well as how to decide which is right for your build.

F-150 Raptor: 1st Gen vs 2nd GenF-150 Raptor: 1st Gen vs 2nd Gen

Ford really rocked the boat in 2010 with the release of the F-150 SVT Raptor. There was simply no other production vehicle like it, offering so much off-road capability that could also be used at higher speeds. The redesigned second generation was released in 2017 and has even more power, technology, and all-terrain ability. See how they stack up in this head-to-head comparison.

F-150 vs Ram 1500F-150 vs Ram 1500

The F-150 and the Ram 1500 are two of the best selling trucks out on the market today. While they are both wonderful vehicles in their own right, there are important differences between them.

Toyota 4Runner vs Jeep WranglerToyota 4Runner vs Jeep Wrangler

The Toyota 4Runner and the Jeep Wrangler have been in the 4X4 scene for a while. See how they match up to each other with this CJ Off-Road vehicle comparison.

Chevy Colorado vs GMC CanyonChevy Colorado vs GMC Canyon

These midsized pickups from GM have plenty in common. They are more alike than they are different, but their differences are important to understand. Learn about which truck is right for you.

History of the Terminator CobraHistory of the Terminator Cobra

Ford’s 2003 and 2004 SVT Cobras earned a special name: The Terminator Cobra. In addition to improved performance figures, in 2004 this Mustang also got a unique color: Mystichrome. The Terminator Cobra became an instant collectible and remains a highly sought after Mustang today.

Jeep Wrangler vs FJ CruiserJeep Wrangler vs FJ Cruiser

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is frequently compared to the Jeep Wrangler. Even though the FJ isn't being produced anymore, it is still a capable off-roader. That being said, it doesn't have nearly the aftermarket support or on-road manners of a Wrangler. Both vehicles are high on the charm factor, but it really depends on your driving habits are your desire to mod your vehicle to decide between the two.

Rare Mustang Barn FindsRare Mustang Barn Finds

Many Mustang enthusiasts dream of uncovering a rare Mustang buried under dust in a barn. These ten actually did. From car collectors to family heirlooms, these are the stories that become legendary.

Chevy Silverado vs Ram 1500Chevy Silverado vs Ram 1500

Though both currently trail the Ford F-Series in terms of overall sales, the 2019 Dodge Ram and Chevy Silverado have recently been redesigned and stand poised to offer some serious competition in the cutthroat midsize truck market.

Extended Cab vs Crew CabExtended Cab vs Crew Cab

Extended Cabs and Crew Cabs may sound similar, but these terms refer to two very different pickup truck cab layouts. Here are the relevant details and dimensions on both.

Protecting Your Wrangler's RockersProtecting Your Wrangler's Rockers

Your Jeep Wrangler's rockers are susceptible to damage from a long list of sources. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to protect your Wrangler's rockers. Rocker guards, rock sliders, and nerf bars all have benefits and drawbacks. Which is right for you depends on where your adventures are taking you. Here are the most common types of rocker protection, as well as who each is right for.

Who Was Ken Miles?Who Was Ken Miles?

Ken Miles was one of Carroll Shelby’s closest associates. Not only was Miles instrumental in the development of the Shelby GT350, but he was also an essential part of the Shelby American team that beat Ferrari at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans.

CVT vs Automatic TransmissionsCVT vs Automatic Transmissions

Continuously variable transmissions eliminate gears in favor of a system of pulleys that create infinite gear ratios. This allows them to offer some pros over traditional automatic transmissions, but naturally with that comes a few downsides as well.

Crew Cab vs Double CabCrew Cab vs Double Cab

Double Cab typically refers to a truck's smaller four-door model, but that can vary according to brand. Here are all of the legroom dimensions for each and how they stack up.

Does GMC Own Chevy?Does GMC Own Chevy?

Although GMC does not own Chevy, many people think that they do. Since they are both owned by GM, and GMC makes many vehicles that are nearly identical to Chevy ones, the connections between these two manufacturers often confound consumers who don't know who owns whom.

2018 versus 2019 Mustang2018 versus 2019 Mustang

Between the 2018 and 2019 Mustang model years, Ford added the Bullitt and made a few tweaks to the 2019 Shelby GT350. The biggest changes though were all the new options available for the 2019 Mustang EcoBoost. In particular, the addition of MagneRide and Active Valve Exhaust options for the EcoBoost improved driver experience.

Tacoma vs RangerTacoma vs Ranger

The Ford Ranger and Toyota Tacoma are both exceptionally good midsize pickup trucks, and though they are fairly evenly matched there are several areas where each excels. We compare the exterior, interior, performance, and off-roading specs of these two trucks.

History of the Ford RangerHistory of the Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger pickup truck is one of the most popular in history and for good reason. From the Ranger nameplate's humble beginnings as a trim level for the F-Series pickups to its new dimensions relative to previous generations, we’re tracing the evolution of the Ranger and why it’s earned its place as one of our favorite pickups.

Dual Clutch vs AutomaticDual Clutch vs Automatic

Dual-clutch transmissions are one style of manu-matic transmission that have been growing in popularity. Now, the Shelby GT500 is getting a dual-clutch transmission, leaving many enthusiasts wondering how these transmissions differ from traditional automatic transmissions, and how to drive them. Though dual-clutch transmissions aren't exactly automatics, they differ from manuals in several key ways, and modifying your driving habits can increase the life of your clutch.

Strut Brace BenefitsStrut Brace Benefits

One of the easiest modifications you can make is installing a simple strut bar. There are a lot of benefits to a strut bar, mostly related to improving handling and reducing chassis flex. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not a strut bar would be right for your build, understanding how they work is invaluable.

2012-2013 Boss 3022012-2013 Boss 302

With options that made them much more optimized for track use, the 2012-2013 Boss 302 and Laguna Seca Mustangs are hard-to-find ponies that are coveted for their handling, style, and power.

What Is an Intake Manifold?What Is an Intake Manifold?

The intake manifold is a core component of an internal combustion engine. It’s responsible for distributing air evenly to each cylinder. Performance intake manifolds can enhance airflow to boost performance.

Leaf Springs vs Coil SpringsLeaf Springs vs Coil Springs

Before the 1970s, leaf springs were the most common suspension system. But most modern vehicles have ditched the leaf springs in favor of coil springs. Although leaf and coil springs function similarly, there are advantages and disadvantages to each setup.

2020 Shelby GT500 vs Camaro ZL12020 Shelby GT500 vs Camaro ZL1

In the field of American muscle car competitors, the 2020 Mustang GT500 is ready to go head-to-head against its archrival, the Chevy Camaro ZL1.

2020 Mustang Paint Colors2020 Mustang Paint Colors

Ford's added a few new shades for 2020 Mustangs and has kept some of our all-time favorites. Here are the official 2020 Mustang colors, and what they look like compared to other classic Mustang shades.

California Exhaust Noise LimitsCalifornia Exhaust Noise Limits

As of September 2019, California drivers can once again receive a "fix-it" ticket if their exhaust is overly loud. This is a reversal of a previous decision that went into effect in January that got rid of fix-it tickets and instead fined drivers.

F-100 HistoryF-100 History

Ford's F-Series pickups have been America's favorite pickup for years, and the F-100 helped pave the way for its success before quietly fading away in the mid-80s. The history of this humble pickup establishes why Ford trucks hold the esteem they do today.

Ford Unibody TrucksFord Unibody Trucks

In 1961, Ford tried an innovative unibody design for its Styleside F-series pickup trucks. These ‘60s Ford unibody trucks were attractive, but the bold design had one major flaw: A total inability to haul.

2020 Shelby GT500 vs Challenger Hellcat2020 Shelby GT500 vs Challenger Hellcat

Since its inception, the 2020 Mustang GT500 has had the venerable Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat in its sights as prime competition. Here’s how we think these two high-horsepower behemoths will stack up.

Types of Trailer HitchesTypes of Trailer Hitches

Different towing loads call for different trailer hitches. From the basic receiver hitch to heavy-duty hitch options and hitch accessories, our guide covers the basics of towing setups so you can figure out which is right for you.

How Did Jeep Get Its Name?How Did Jeep Get Its Name?

Although there’s no official answer to how Jeep got its name, there are a few theories. One theory states that the name Jeep came for the Ford GP. Another story is that the name came from a character in a Popeye comic. While there are many theories, you will have to decide for yourself which to believe.

What Is MagneRide?What Is MagneRide?

As of 2018, MagneRide is an option for all Ford Mustangs. Before deciding whether or not this magnetic suspension is right for you, find out more about how it works and what the benefits are.

Types of JL WranglersTypes of JL Wranglers

The JL Wrangler has a long list of trim levels, but each offers a distinct Wrangler experience. Whether you’re interested in a sporty daily driver that feels luxurious or a bare-bones off-roader, there’s a Wrangler out there for you!

2014 vs 2015 Mustang2014 vs 2015 Mustang

The 2015 Mustang launched a generation and added engine options, features, and performance packages that make it different from the 2014 Mustang. Though both the 2014 and 2015 Mustang offer many notable features, the differences may make one a better fit for you.

Mustang Engine TickMustang Engine Tick

If you’ve noticed an unusual noise coming from your 2018 Mustang’s engine, you’re not alone. Here’s what we know about the “typewriter” tick, from the probable causes to the possible solutions.

2012 vs 2013 Ford Mustang2012 vs 2013 Ford Mustang

The 2012 and 2013 Mustangs are very similar but have some subtle differences. It’s up to the enthusiast to decide which style they like better.

1964.5 vs 1965 Mustangs1964.5 vs 1965 Mustangs

The first Ford Mustang debuted in April of 1964. The Mustangs produced between April and August of 1964 are considered 1964.5 Mustangs and there are several key differences that differentiate them from the 1965 Mustangs. These are the easiest ways to tell the difference between the two years.

1965 vs 2015 Ford Mustang1965 vs 2015 Ford Mustang

Ford celebrated the 50th anniversary of the original 1965 Mustang with the launch of the sixth-generation Mustang in 2015. Many of the stylistic components of the heritage remained intact, but there were immense technological changes that show the evolution of the pony over the years.

2004 vs 2005 Mustang2004 vs 2005 Mustang

In terms of performance, appearance, and comfort the 2004 and 2005 Mustang have substantial differences. Here's everything to know about the changes made for the 2005 year.

TJ vs JK WranglerTJ vs JK Wrangler

The TJ and JK Wrangler may be close in years, but in terms of features, they’re worlds apart. The smaller TJ Wrangler is a perfectly-sized off-roader for one or two passengers. The JK, by offering a four-door option, allows for a larger crew, but at the cost of maneuverability. Here are all the differences between these Jeep Wrangler generations.

1967 vs 1968 Ford Mustang1967 vs 1968 Ford Mustang

Though the 1968 Mustang did not bring as many changes to its predecessor as the 1967 model did, there are some notable revisions that can help you differentiate the two. Additional government regulations meant that more standard safety features were added for the new year. Fairly minor aesthetic changes were also made, but one of the biggest new options was the introduction of the 302 V8 engine.

Shelby GT350 vs GT350RShelby GT350 vs GT350R

What a difference a letter can make. Though both the GT350 and GT350R are incredible vehicles, there are a few differences between these two vehicles that give the GT350R an edge when it comes to speed and performance.

2016 vs 2017 Mustang2016 vs 2017 Mustang

Though the 2017 Mustang received few external appearance updates, it did gain a new feature and a few new colors.

2015 vs 2016 Mustang2015 vs 2016 Mustang

The 2015 and 2016 Mustangs kicked off the sixth generation of Mustang with a host of new and exciting features. Each year also brought with it special packages and options that left many wondering which Mustang was right for them? Fortunately, there’s a pony for everyone.

1968 vs 1969 Mustang1968 vs 1969 Mustang

There are a lot of differences between the 1968 and 1969 Mustangs. New limited editions, like the Boss Mustangs, were introduced, but all Mustangs saw changes to their physical dimensions, interior amenities, and performance options.

TJ vs YJ WranglerTJ vs YJ Wrangler

Since the YJ, the Wrangler has been a cornerstone of the American automotive scene. Nearly every road you will drive on will have a Wrangler on it at some point. If you want to learn more about the Jeep Wrangler, or simply want to flex your Jeep knowledge, this article is for you.

2010 vs 2011 Mustang2010 vs 2011 Mustang

Though the exterior styling differences between the 2010 and 2011 Mustang are subtle, the change in the fender badges from “GT” to “5.0” gives away the biggest year-to-year changes: The engine options!

Alcantara vs. SuedeAlcantara vs. Suede

As Alcantara and similar “microsuede” materials become more prominent in the auto industry each year, consumers are increasingly seeing them on seats, dashboards, and other interior surfaces. Although similar in feel to natural suede, Alcantara is a completely synthetic material. In this article, we explore the origins of the fabric and how it is used by car manufacturers like Ford.

1966 vs 1967 Mustangs1966 vs 1967 Mustangs

Though there are significant differences between the 1966 and 1967 Mustang, there were also some subtle changes made to the updated '67. These are all of the ways that you can tell '66 and '67 Mustangs apart, as well as how the GT's changed between the two years.

Rumored 4-Door MustangRumored 4-Door Mustang

Ford may be planning to make a four-door Mustang, but would a Mustang sedan change America's favorite pony car's image? Here’s everything we know about these rumors so far, and why you may not need to worry about them.

2019 Mustang vs. Challenger2019 Mustang vs. Challenger

The 2019 Ford Mustang and 2019 Dodge Challenger are the most recent iterations of two iconic pony cars and while both have been modernized, they've kept in touch with their roots. We compare these two vehicles in terms of internal space, external appearance, and, of course, performance. If you’ve wondered how these two stack up against each other look no further than this comprehensive face off.

Inline-Six vs V6Inline-Six vs V6

Although V6 and straight-six engines have the same number of cylinders, their different layouts mean that each design has benefits and drawbacks.

What Is Auto Start-Stop? What Is Auto Start-Stop?

Auto start-stop promises to save you money at the gas station. While that’s never a bad thing, there are some other parts of the technology that people have concerns about. Here’s what to know about auto start-stop and how it affects your car.

1965 vs 1966 Mustangs1965 vs 1966 Mustangs

1965 and 1966 Mustangs look very similar, but once you know where to look it's easy to tell the difference between the two. There were also several upgrades that came with the GT options that can help you determine whether or not you are looking at an original GT.

Willys Wheeler vs RubiconWillys Wheeler vs Rubicon

Choosing which Jeep Wrangler is right for you can be a difficult decision. The Willys Wheeler and Rubicon are two great choices, but they differ in several key ways. Here’s what they have in common and what separates each from the crowd.

Gladiator vs. RidgelineGladiator vs. Ridgeline

The long-awaited Jeep Gladiator pickup truck has finally arrived, ready to tow, haul, and tackle trails. Honda's Ridgeline is one of the many contenders that the Gladiator will face-off against in the mid-size pickup arena. Here's how they compare.

Jeep Gladiator vs Toyota TacomaJeep Gladiator vs Toyota Tacoma

With the announcement of the 2020 Gladiator, the competition of off-road capable mid-size pickup trucks has increased. The particularly popular Toyota Tacoma has been a big contender in this space, but the reappearance of a Wrangler inspired Jeep pickup has shaken everything up. We've broken down the important stats and specs of these two mid-size pickups to help you decide which one is right for you.

Jeep Gladiator vs Ford RangerJeep Gladiator vs Ford Ranger

The 2019 Ford Ranger and 2020 Jeep Gladiator are two of the most exciting mid-size pickups. Both are returning to the market after a long hiatus, and we couldn't be more excited. Here’s how these two pickups stack up against each other, spec for spec. Though these two pickups have a lot in common, there are some key differences that make them uniquely suited for different drivers.

The History of the Ford BroncoThe History of the Ford Bronco

When Ford announced the return of the Bronco fans of the sport utility vehicle were excited for good reason. In the thirty years of the Bronco’s manufacture, it changed dramatically and became an automotive icon.

The Craziest Builds from SEMA 2018The Craziest Builds from SEMA 2018

The annual SEMA show allows companies to show off some of their most wild ideas, turning pipe dreams into reality. Here, we've compiled some of the craziest builds that we saw at SEMA in 2018, showcasing design that is bold, fascinating, or just plain weird!

Drift-Ready 2019 Mustang GT Unveiled At SEMA 2018!Drift-Ready 2019 Mustang GT Unveiled At SEMA 2018!

For SEMA 2018, CJ’s is proud to unveil our drift-ready supercharged 2019 Mustang GT, rightly nicknamed “Smoke Show.” This highly-customized 2019 Mustang GT is painted in custom Dark Shadow Gray paint with a head-turning stars and stripes theme. Working together with Ford, Ford Performance and the CJ’s Product Development department, Design team and a long list of our vendors, we are extremely excited to turn some heads in the Ford Booth at SEMA 2018!

Mustang QuizzesMustang Quizzes

How much do you really know about the Ford Mustang? Test yourself with our collection of Mustang quizzes, one for each generation of Mustang and then a general knowledge quiz.

Blackout Your MustangBlackout Your Mustang

A full blackout or blacked out look for Mustangs is a popular trend in the aftermarket community. From wheels to spoilers, the addition of all-black parts makes the Mustang look even more menacing and sleek. Even if you don't want to completely black out your car from head to toe, you can still check out our list of black parts to add a finishing touch to a ride of any color!

Nitrogen Tire InflationNitrogen Tire Inflation

Nitrogen tire inflation is a common “premium” service that might be offered to you at some point. Don’t get caught off guard and assume that a higher price comes with more value. While nitrogen tire inflation isn’t complete snake oil, it’s probably not something you’ll need in your car.

F-250 vs F-350F-250 vs F-350

The Ford Super Duty trucks are the gold standard for heavy-duty towing. The first two trucks in the series, the F-250 and the F-350, have quite a lot to offer. Even though they both offer excellent towing capabilities, the F-350 does have an edge over the F-250. Then, what other things are there to consider, and which one should you buy? Let us break it down for you to help you make your decision.

Where to Off-RoadWhere to Off-Road

Off-road is a broad term considering how many environments there are. From mudding and dune blasting to rock crawling and water fording, these are the terrains where you can off-road and our tips for navigating each of them.

History of Jeep WranglerHistory of Jeep Wrangler

The Wrangler can trace its history from 1948 till today. Though some aspects of the vehicle remain unchanged, Jeeps have certainly grown and changed throughout time, and in this resource center article we explore when and why these changes occurred.

Best Car Themed Baby NamesBest Car Themed Baby Names

We’ve compiled the ten best girl’s names and the ten best boy’s names that reflect your passion for all things auto, along with a little bit about how these names tie into car history. Auto enthusiasts don’t have to resort to dipstick or spark plug to find a unique car themed name for their baby.

Jeep Wrangler Track Bar vs Sway BarJeep Wrangler Track Bar vs Sway Bar

Your Jeep Wrangler's track bar is a vital component for keeping your axle and suspension centered while avoiding the issue of Jeep Wrangler Death Wobble. On the other hand, your Wrangler's sway bar is a technology that allows for better on-road manners but is often removed for better off-road articulation and capability.

Best Mustangs From Mustang Week 2018Best Mustangs From Mustang Week 2018

From First Generation builds to S550s, thousands of Ford Mustang lovers descended upon Myrtle Beach for the annual Mustang Week celebration. To help you experience Mustang Week from the comforts of your own home, we have selected our favorite Mustangs from this year’s event. This is your one-stop-shop for the best Mustangs from Mustang Week 2018!

Ken Block MustangsKen Block Mustangs

Starring in a number of Ken Block’s Gymkhana racing videos, the Hoonicorn Mustangs are well-known for their horsepower and drift capability. Learn about their specs and what’s next for the Hoonigan driver.

2019 Ford Ranger vs F-1502019 Ford Ranger vs F-150

The 2019 Ford Ranger stands to offer a lot of the same utility as the larger F-150, but in a smaller package. With F-150 sales skyrocketing, check out our comparison to see the similarities and differences when it comes to Ford's new midsize pickup.

2019 Ford Ranger vs Chevy Colorado2019 Ford Ranger vs Chevy Colorado

For 2019, Ford is once again putting a midsize pickup into the ring to compete against trucks like the Chevy Colorado and Toyota Tacoma. Offering a lot of utility in a smaller package, we're taking a look at how the 2019 Ranger stacks up against its American rival, the Chevy Colorado.

Focus ST vs EcoBoost MustangFocus ST vs EcoBoost Mustang

The Focus ST and EcoBoost are two popular Ford vehicles, but which is best for you? Our Focus ST vs. EcoBoost Mustang guide examines both the hot hatch and the pony car head-to-toe, and compares and contrasts these two similar, yet different vehicles.

Top 10 Things Not to Do at Mustang WeekTop 10 Things Not to Do at Mustang Week

Mustang Week has become one of the biggest Mustang events in the country. Whether this is your first time making the trip to Myrtle Beach, SC or your fifth, we've compiled a list of the ten things that you should not be doing during Mustang Week.

Top 9 Places to Eat for Mustang WeekTop 9 Places to Eat for Mustang Week

Myrtle Beach is a fantastic hub for a wide range of amazing restaurants. We've compiled a list of some must-try options to enjoy while you're in town for Mustang Week! Whether you're looking for creative fusion offerings, authentic Japanese, or just some classic Southern fare, there's something for everyone here.

2021 Bronco vs JL Wrangler2021 Bronco vs JL Wrangler

Now that we have the details and specifications for the 2021 Bronco, it's time to compare them to the Jeep Wrangler. Though the Wrangler has been the undisputed off-roading vehicle of choice for several years, the Bronco's new features may give it the competitive edge. Here's how these two off-roaders compare.

Shelby GT350 vs Mustang GT PP 2Shelby GT350 vs Mustang GT PP 2

The question many enthusiasts are beginning to ask themselves with the release of the Performance Package - Level 2 for Mustangs is if it’s worth the extra price jump to the Shelby GT350. The best way to describe where the PP2 stands in the lineup is that it bridges the gap between the Mustang GT PP1 and the Shelby GT350. With it’s GT350R-derived tires and uniquely tuned suspension, is it enough to hold a candle to the Shelby name?

Focus ST vs Focus SEFocus ST vs Focus SE

The Focus ST and Focus SE are two popular Ford Focus trim levels, but which is best for you? Our Focus ST vs. Focus SE guide compares and contrasts these two similar, yet different special edition Ford Focus models.

Ford F-150 vs Toyota TundraFord F-150 vs Toyota Tundra

Ford and Toyota are two major contenders in the truck industry. Although Ford outsells Toyota by miles, the Tundra has a loyal fan base and is popular with off-roading enthusiasts. While the Tundra vs F-150 debate relies on a number of factors, there’s no denying that these are two capable trucks. Both Toyota and Ford have high-performance models dubbed the TRD Pro and Raptor, respectively. Although the Tundra TRD Pro took a hiatus, it’s coming back with a vengeance for 2019 to compete directly with the new F-150 Raptor. It’s easy to see why these two off-roading behemoths remain popular models for avid trailblazers and thrill-seekers alike.

Ford F-150 vs Chevy SilveradoFord F-150 vs Chevy Silverado

Both the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado are rugged, light-duty trucks that have competed with each other over the past few decades. Although they are both popular pickups, the F-150 vs Silverado is a heated debate in the automotive community. Loyalties aside, these two trucks are staples in the industry and will most likely remain the leaders of the segment until the foreseeable future.

Focus RS vs Mustang GTFocus RS vs Mustang GT

One year after the masses laid their eyes on the newest Mustang GT, the Ford Motor Company introduced the Focus RS as the latest American-made hatchback. So which high-performance Ford vehicle is best for you? This Focus RS vs. Mustang GT guide compares and contrasts the pony car with the hot hatch!

Jeep Summer Must-HavesJeep Summer Must-Haves

Stocking up on Jeep must-haves is especially important for the summer season! Trails aren’t immune to the heat and neither is your Wrangler. Taking the top off may allow some cool air to breeze through the Jeep, but it’s not going to stop the sizzling summer sun from beating down on you. Accessories such as summer tops and sun shades can help make off-roading in the summer cooler — literally!

The Mustang Cobra JetThe Mustang Cobra Jet

The first Mustang Cobra Jet was produced in 1968. Though Ford only reported 335 horsepower, actual estimates are much higher. The 1968 Cobra jet was an NHRA champion. Since then, Ford has honored this bit of Mustang history with special limited edition Cobra Jets. The first run was produced in 2008, to celebrate the car's 40th anniversary. In 2018, a second run was produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

What Is the Ford Mustang Mach 1?What Is the Ford Mustang Mach 1?

The Mach 1 first made its appearance in 1969. Unlike many of the other special editions from that year, the Mach 1 continued to be produced until 1978. Since then, the Mach 1 has been offered sporadically. It's combination of performance upgrades and sharp appearance modifications make the Mach 1 one of the most popular special editions.

2019 Silverado Engines2019 Silverado Engines

Over 100 years after debuting their first truck, Chevrolet introduced the fourth-generation 2019 Silverado. Not only is the 2019 Silverado completely redesigned, but there are quite a few new engine options as well. A new 3.0L Duramax diesel engine is just one of six engine options available. As if a 2019 Silverado diesel isn’t exciting enough, Chevy introduced a four-cylinder 2.7L turbocharged engine, which will replace the 4.3L V6 as the standard engine on the LT and RST trims. With cylinder deactivation technology, the small engine packs quite the punch with 310 horsepower and 348 lb.-ft. of torque.

Ford Raptor vs F-150Ford Raptor vs F-150

When it comes to off-roading trucks, one truck outshines them all: the Ford Raptor. As the Raptor is based on Ford’s popular F-150 platform, how is the Raptor different than the F-150? Introduced in 2010 by Ford’s Special Vehicle Team, the Raptor was created specifically for off-roading. Inspired by the Baja 1000, a legendary off-road race that takes place in Mexico, the Raptor was built for off-roading performance. Whether that’s racing in the desert, riding through the trail, or crawling over rocks, the Ford Raptor can conquer even the toughest terrain. Although the F-150 is a capable truck that is no stranger to off-roading, the Raptor is a straight-up, rugged machine that offers unrivaled performance.

Tacoma vs ColoradoTacoma vs Colorado

Full-size pickups may be all the rage, but what about their smaller counterparts? The midsize pickup segment is growing with the re-release of the Ford Ranger and the Jeep Gladiator. However, there have been two midsize trucks that have remained popular over the years — the Chevy Colorado and Toyota Tacoma. Although they are similar in size, the Tacoma vs Colorado debate is a heated topic between truck enthusiasts.

Best Yellow Mustang ColorsBest Yellow Mustang Colors

Not many owners are bold enough to choose yellow for their car. But its rarity is what makes it even more special to see on a Mustang. We’ve picked our favorite yellow Mustang colors from history.

Mustang Sales by YearMustang Sales by Year

Starting with the 1964 ½ Mustang that officially launched for 1965, Ford’s pony car has become an American icon. Learn how many models were produced for each year.

Boss 429 MustangBoss 429 Mustang

The Boss 429 Mustang has only been produced for two years in all of Mustang history. Very few of these Mustangs were ever produced, making them incredibly rare. The Boss 429’s design and performance specifications help shed some light on why these classic Mustangs are so desirable.

History of Ford SVTHistory of Ford SVT

In only 22 years, the Ford Special Vehicles Team gave us the Cobra, the F-150 Lightning, and the Ford Raptor. These vehicle legends were designed to represent the pinnacle of performance.

50th Anniversary Mustang 50th Anniversary Mustang

The 50th Anniversary Mustang debuted at the 2014 New York International Auto Show, which was half-a-century after the original 1964.5 was unveiled for the first time. This article breaks down the difference between the 50th Anniversary Mustang and the regular 2015 Mustang GT Performance Packages while detailing the exciting events that took place before, during, after this one-of-a-kind build hit the dealerships.

History of the Boss 302 MustangHistory of the Boss 302 Mustang

The Boss 302 Mustang was originally built to comply with the Sports Car Club of America’s rules for competing. Only a few of these legendary Mustangs were created, and they continue to be highly sought after today. The Boss 302 owes its success to its attractive/sporty appearance as well as its substantial performance specs.

All About the First MustangAll About the First Mustang

The first Ford Mustang’s design and launch helped create the Mustang’s image. Intended to have broad appeal, the first Mustang was customizable and sporty. These features have helped the Mustang survive through the decades. Here’s how the Mustang began, from idea to prototype to legend.

Toyota Tacoma vs TundraToyota Tacoma vs Tundra

Since 1995, Toyota has been offering the immensely popular compact pickup, the Tacoma. But how does the Tacoma stack up against the full-size Toyota Tundra? Other than their differences in size, there are quite a few other distinguishing characteristics that set the two trucks apart from each other. When comparing the Tacoma vs Tundra, it is important to look at the specifications to see how each pickup performs.

Best Green Mustang ColorsBest Green Mustang Colors

Green is a rare color to see on Mustangs, just like any other car. That makes it all the more special when you do spot one. Check out our list of the top 10 green shades from Mustang history.

History of the Mustang IIHistory of the Mustang II

The second generation of Mustang was produced from 1974-1978. Though this generation had received substantial criticism, it kept the Mustang name alive. Popular at the time of its creation, the Mustang II has maintained a small, but dedicated, group of enthusiasts.

History of the Ford MustangHistory of the Ford Mustang

While the Mustang has gone through many changes from its debut in April 1964 to the current generation of Mustangs, the Ford Mustang is an American icon. Take a walk through time as CJ's looks at some significant moments in the history of the Ford Mustang.

Ford F-150 vs F-250Ford F-150 vs F-250

Are you having a difficult time deciding between a Ford F-150 and the F-250? While the F-150 is a light-duty pickup with a half-ton rating, the F-250 is a bit bigger, coming in with a three-fourths ton rating. Included as part of Ford’s Super Duty truck line, the F-250 will be able to haul more than the smaller F-150. However, an F-150 might be all you need if you plan on driving the truck as a daily driver. Check out this comparison between the F-150 vs F-250 to help you make an educated decision!

2019 Mustang Colors2019 Mustang Colors

Odds have it that you're probably shopping for a new 2019 Mustang. Ford has added a few new colors to the palette on America's favorite pony car, which makes the choices even harder when it comes to selecting the color of their new Mustang! Because Ford has added Velocity Blue, Need For Green and Dark Highland Green to the selection, be sure to check out this article and choose your new favorite Mustang color!

Diesel Engine ComparisonsDiesel Engine Comparisons

If you know anything about diesel engines, then you’ve probably heard the names Cummins, Power Stroke, and Duramax at some point. While Ram trucks are known for the Cummins engine, Ford’s diesel equivalent is the Power Stroke while Chevy has the Duramax. But what are the similarities and differences between the Cummins vs Powerstroke vs Duramax? Check out how these three diesel engines have evolved over the years.

Fox Body Mustang HistoryFox Body Mustang History

The Fox Body was produced from 1979-1993, the longest stretch for any Mustang generation. It earned its “Fox Body” nickname because it was built on the Fox platform. These Mustangs are well-known for being a modder’s dream, and with just a few upgrades they can hold their own with more modern ponies.

Silverado vs SierraSilverado vs Sierra

Over the years, GMC and Chevrolet have worked side by side to create some of the best pickup trucks in America. The two main contenders are the Chevy Silverado and its GMC counterpart, the Sierra. But what is the difference between the Silverado and Sierra? While they may be under different nameplates, these two trucks have been produced side by side since 1999. Even though they are both manufactured by General Motors, the Silverado and Sierra have their own unique style that differentiates them.

Focus ST vs Focus RSFocus ST vs Focus RS

In the used market, the Focus ST and Focus RS are both highly-sought-after hot hatches. Learn about the differences between these two Ford models and what their pros and cons are.

History of the Shelby MustangHistory of the Shelby Mustang

The Shelby Mustang is an American legend. It's a car people dream of seeing in person. But do you know the history of this iconic vehicle? CJ's takes a look back at who Carroll Shelby was, the first Shelby Mustang and cars progression to today.

Focus ST vs Fiesta STFocus ST vs Fiesta ST

Following the rise of the EcoBoost engine, the Ford Motor Company introduced the Focus ST and Fiesta STs as high-performance, yet affordable hatchbacks in the 2013 model year. So which hot hatch is best? Our Focus ST vs. Fiesta ST guide compares and contrasts these two super-fun, performance-oriented vehicles!

Chevy C10 vs K10Chevy C10 vs K10

Both part of the popular Chevrolet C/K series of trucks, the Chevy C10 and K10 share many similarities. With a half-ton rating, the C10 and K10 can be considered light-duty trucks. However, one major difference between the C10 and K10 is that the C10 is a two-wheel drive truck, while the K10 has four-wheel drive. So while the K10 is more capable for the trail, the C10 makes a great everyday truck. Regardless of the model, these two trucks are both classic Chevy pickups that still remain relevant to this day.

Mustang Bullitt Details & SpecsMustang Bullitt Details & Specs

The Bullitt Mustang first became popular after the legendary high-speed chase in Steve McQueen’s 1968 film Bullitt. Since then, Ford has released special-edition Bullitt Mustangs in 2001, 2008, and 2019.

Interview with Mustang KyleInterview with Mustang Kyle

A lifelong automotive enthusiast, Kyle Scaife, better known as "Mustang Kyle", has created a one-of-a-kind build that has made major waves on social media. CJ Pony Parts was honored to catch up with Mustang Kyle to find out more about this Restomod project and more!

Chevy C10 vs Ford F-100Chevy C10 vs Ford F-100

The Chevy C10 and Ford F-100 are two of America’s most popular classic trucks, but how are they different from each other? When looking at the C10 vs F100, there are several aspects to consider when comparing the two trucks. Which one came first? How do they differ in appearance? The Chevy vs Ford debate may never be put to rest, but we can all agree that these two historical pickups have played an important role in helping develop the truck industry in America.

Shelby GT350 vs GT500Shelby GT350 vs GT500

The Shelby GT350 and GT500 share the Shelby name and both offer a performance driving experience. But they differ in terms of specifications, features, and available equipment. This means that these cars are truly designed for different driving styles, and one is likely going to be a better fit for you.

Chevy Truck HistoryChevy Truck History

From the debut of the first Chevrolet truck in 1918 to the 2018 Silverado, Chevy has been manufacturing trucks for nearly a century. Whether you are a classic truck enthusiast or prefer the modern-day pickups, it’s hard to deny the appeal of a Chevrolet truck. By looking at the evolution of Chevy trucks, we can see how the automotive industry in America has progressed over the past 100 years.

JK vs JL WranglerJK vs JL Wrangler

After months of anticipation, the all-new 2018 Jeep Wrangler has arrived at last! While the new Jeep may look similar to its predecessor, there are quite a few differences to note when comparing the JK vs JL Wrangler. From the JL’s updated appearance to its enhanced off-roading performance, there are many reasons why the new Jeep Wrangler is better than ever!

JK Wrangler Rubicon vs SaharaJK Wrangler Rubicon vs Sahara

Whether you are an off-roading pro or new to the Jeep family, choosing between a Wrangler Sahara vs Rubicon can be a difficult decision. While the Rubicon is more expensive than the Sahara, they both offer different perks based on how you will be using your rig. However, no matter what model you choose, you definitely can’t go wrong either way — it’s a Jeep Wrangler!

Ford Mustang Cobra HistoryFord Mustang Cobra History

First introduced in a Ford line in 1962, the Cobra name became synonymous with power and performance. The Mustang Cobra, the apex of performance, came to an end in the early 1980s only to have a rebirth in 1993. CJ's takes a look back at the origins of the Mustang Cobra and what the future might have in store for this iconic muscle car.

2019 Mustang GT vs Camaro SS2019 Mustang GT vs Camaro SS

For over a half a century, the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro have been butting heads in a friendly, yet competitive rivalry for the title of best pony car. With the 2019 Ford Mustang, there is much speculation on how it will stack up against the Camaro which was recently updated in 2016 on Chevy’s lighter Alpha platform and refreshed 2019 body.

1965 Mustang Specs1965 Mustang Specs

The 1965 Mustang’s specifications prove it was never exactly a “secretary’s car.” Instead, the ‘65 Mustang offered something for everyone. An inexpensive, attractive car, it could function well as a daily driver. But by adding some of the high-performance options and upgrades, it could also be a high-revving champion.

Best Mustangs From SEMA 2018Best Mustangs From SEMA 2018

The 2018 SEMA Show garners some of the most amazing and unbelievable modified vehicles in the industry. From subtly-altered street cars to completely insane show floor creations, there’s something for everyone. We’ve compiled a list of the best Ford Mustangs from the show, so check out our picks to see the coolest pony cars from this year’s show!

Custom 2018 F-150 EcoBoost Unveiled At SEMA 2017!Custom 2018 F-150 EcoBoost Unveiled At SEMA 2017!

CJ’s is proud to unveil a special project that has been in the works throughout most of 2017 - our highly customized 2018 Ford F-150 painted in Quicksand with Matte Black Graphics and Sunset Pearl accents! Working in unison with Ford & Ford Performance along with our purchasing department, design team and various CJ vendors, we are excited to turn some serious heads in the Ford Booth at SEMA 2017.

1960s Mustang History1960s Mustang History

The 1960s was an important decade in history for many reasons. Arguably the most notable event, though, was the birth of the Ford Mustang. The 1960s Mustang soon became a bestseller, solidifying the pony car as one of the most popular muscle cars of all time.

CJ's Resource Center Articles

These articles consist of various tips, tricks and informational writeups to help you, the Mustang enthusiast, with your pony car build. Whether you’re trying to decide which modification to pick up next or find out a little bit more about the effects of parts like a supercharger or turbo kit would do to help your power output. When you’re past researching what the best route to take for your build is, be sure to look to CJ’s to pick up your next part with our extensive inventory of Mustang parts!