2016-2018 Ford Focus RS Parts

Focus RS Parts

2016-2018 Ford Focus RS Parts

Focus RS Parts
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Expert Customer Service Team!
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    • Exterior

    • Customize your RS with unique exterior parts that give it immense street presence.
    Focus RS Exterior
    • Wheels & Tires

    • No better way to add performance and style to your ride than with a new set of wheels and tires.
    Focus RS Wheels
    • Interior

    • Enhance the already perfect interior style of the Focus RS.
    Focus RS Interior
    • Exhaust

    • Chrome or black tips, touring or race sound levels, there is an exhaust system for every build.
    Focus RS Exhaust
    • Engine

    • Go-fast engine parts to take your 2.3L EcoBoost to the next level.
    Focus RS Engine
    • Lights

    • Lighting upgrades to improve visibility and add to the visual appeal of your RS.
    Focus RS Lighting
    • Suspension

    • Carve your favorite road or go flat-out in the corners at the track with performance suspension parts.
    Focus RS Suspension
    • Transmission

    • Be sure your all-wheel drive Focus has right the transmission components to handle big turbo power.
    Focus RS Transmission
    • Accessories

    • Shop a wide variety of practical and stylish accessories for you and your Focus RS.
    Focus RS Accessories
    • Brakes

    • Premium brake parts to ensure your Focus RS stops quickly and safely.
    Focus RS Brakes

Focus RS Parts

When Ford’s top-of-the-line Focus RS hot hatch launched in 2016, in brought about unprecedented performance designed to take on the top competitors in its class. The RS name may not mean much to Americans, but Ford had been producing high-performance hatchback models in Europe for decades. For the United States, the RS offered an insanely upgraded, AWD variant of the existing global Focus platform. With a 2.3L EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine under the hood that put out an incredible 350 hp and 350 ft-lbs of torque, 0-60 mph comes in 4.6 seconds, even quicker than an EcoBoost Mustang.

A six-speed manual transmission was the only option and the drive modes included an industry-first “drift” setting for track use, leaving no doubt that non-enthusiasts need not apply. It’s a power and technology-dense compact hatch with a split personality that allows it to be driven hard on the weekend and also serve as a practical daily commuter, albeit a very fun one.

With that much power, an all-wheel drive system was a must, and Ford did not disappoint. On the contrary, it designed a highly-sophisticated AWD system with a unique trick. Ford uses what it calls “dynamic torque vectoring,” a high-tech system that can detect which wheels are gripping and which are spinning to deliver power accordingly for maximum traction, acceleration and grip through the corners. It allows 70% of the engine torque to reach the rear wheels, and 100% of that to be applied to the outer rear wheel when cornering. This is further helped by aggressive, ultra-sticky Michelin Pilot tires wrapped around 19-inch wheels.

To go with the new running gear, the suspension and brakes were upgraded to handle all of the power and speed, and the exterior saw some updating to give the car a more aggressive look. The interior got some attention too, most notably with Recaro racing buckets to hold you in place when you start to get crazy out on the track or rally roads. It’s clear Ford didn’t aim to simply compete, but aimed to rewrite the rules for the rally-type hatchback. Toss in the aggressive front air dam, rear diffuser, and ground effects, and the Focus RS puts up a tough fight against competitors like the WRX STI and Golf R.

With a lifespan that was cut too short, the Focus RS was available only for the 2016, 2017, and 2018 model years. For the farewell tour, all 2018 models were created as special editions. Ford released 1,500 limited-edition models (1,000 in the United States & 500 in Canada) for a base price of $41,955. The price tag is $5,000 greater than the 2017 Focus RS and significantly higher than other American-made hatchbacks in its class. However, between the performance capabilities and the many aftermarket Focus RS performance parts available, the benefits of owning a 2018 hatchback trump the seemingly high cost. For the 2018 Focus RS, the Ford Motor Company introduced a Quaife limited-slip differential for the front axle, which aligns perfectly with the innovative all-wheel-drive system. The new innovations combined with the existing turbocharged, four-cylinder motor makes the 2018 Focus RS a blast to drive!

Race Red was the new color choice for the final year Ford Focus RS, with a Nitrous Blue option available as well. Both finishes look excellent with the gloss black mirror caps and rear spoilers that come standard from the factory. Additionally, the final Ford Focus RS model contains blue RS logos etched on both sides, paying homage to the brief, but memorable run of the super-fun hot hatch!

The 2016-2018 Focus RS is great as is, and it can be even better with the right aftermarket Focus RS parts. Whether you want to upgrade your hot hatch’s body & appearance, inner cabin, or suspension system, CJ’s has all of the Ford Focus RS performance parts that you could ever need! From suspension coils and shocks to cold air intakes and filters, we offer everything on your wishlist to upgrade your RS. The Focus RS is a near-perfect combination of power, technology, and driving exhilaration, but CJ’s can help you can add your own custom touches to take things to the next level!